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AP Scrubs

AP Scrubs

SKU: 194819811977

Instead of constantly buying scrubs from the supermarket once they fray, get dirty, moldy, etc., buy my alternative! My handmade knitted scrubs can be used & reused over again because get this: they are machine washable & dryable! Yes! After so many uses, just pop em' in the wash & voila! Good as new & ready to use! Furthermore, you can use them for just about anything: washing your face, washing dishes, cleaning your countertop, etc. they are multi-purpose! Just think of all the money you will be saving, you can't beat that! Twelve in stock. Various multicolors.


    Please provide your name & home address to my email address: for shipment. Allow 3-5 business days to arrive to your residence (pending on where you are located, it may take longer). If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to message or email me.

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